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It is always said that the artists are born with the natural talent. You just need to recognize it and nurture it all the way long! This is what happened with the rising Indian Actor & Model 

Born in Samana (Punjab), as of the highest education, Tarun Goyal did his Masters in Business Administration. Then, he established his own LLC. Staring off his career as a successful IT company owner, Tarun Goyal started building his keen interest in the music industry.


He felt the passion for acting and henceforth followed his heart. Starting from personal grooming to taking proffesional training in acting, he worked hard towards achieving his goals.Securing his foothold in the punjabi music industry Tarun Goyal did his debut as an actor and model.


His first song "Suit Tu Lakh Lakh De" by Gazin Athwal got about 7 M views in just two months. This is how his new journey started and his acting skills got recognition in the first go.


Tarun Goyal's dreams got new wings and he wanted to fly higher. Thus, he took another challenge to become the financial investor and partner of a music production house - Mbros Films. Now, he is successfully achieving his goals and working to grow himself not only as an actor, model but also as a producer.


His other achievments does include other trending songs like "Left Seat" by Nav Dolorain and "Tere Nal Zindgi" by Zorawar. With all his work and dedication he is winning the hearts of many until now. Tarun Goyal is becoming the new social media sensation and his future as an actor & model is going to be as bright as a shining star!